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Sometimes a little improvisation is all that's needed!

This is a very well known bridge at Sligachan on the Isle of Skye. It’s incredible photogenic from almost every angle.

One of the downsides of this beauty is that there are almost always dozens of tourists - quite understandably - trying to get their own shots and memories from this amazing place.

On this particular day there was no chance of getting the bridge to myself, so a little improvisation was needed - and a decent pair of wellington boots!

Getting into the water allowed me to frame the distant mountains nicely, and I’m really pleased I took the time to think through the problem rather than just giving up on the location.

So why not give it a try next time you’re struggling to find that right shot. A little bit of imagination, and taking your time, can make the world of difference.

The Great British Weather!

These 2 photos are taken from slightly different points on the same Loch (lake), near my home in Scotland. The sandy photo of Loch More was taken exactly a year ago today, during one of the driest spells in modern history. On that day I actually walked across the Loch. Contrast that with a more typical shot of what it usually looks like, with water around 1.5-2metres high. You really never do know what the British weather will throw at you, and I thought it made for an interesting comparison.

Photographically, they both make interesting shots I think, and I hope you like them. Thanks for looking

Waterfalls are tricky to photograph.

I had a long trip this week for work, but had an hour or so spare on the journey, so decided to stop and take an image in a location I love, but hadn’t been to for a few years.

This waterfall is from a place called Big Burn Falls, close to the village of Golspie in Sutherland, Scotland. It’s hidden away but well worth a visit if you get the chance.

I was really surprised - but in hindsight shouldn’t have been - at how much water there was cascading down the falls. It’s now officially Spring here in the UK, and heavy rainfall is almost guaranteed. Because of all the water, it was difficult to capture the detail within the falls. I think I did the best I could with this image, but I look forward to going back when the flow is less rapid.

There are some amazing rocks that I think will make the image even better with less of a torrent to block them.

It can also be difficult to give your waterfall shots scale and context, which is why I included a significant section of river in the photograph. It gives that sense of both scale and context, which would be lost if the image was just the falls themselves.

I also loved the green moss and foliage on the rocks, which I think enhances the picture a lot. I hope you love it too, and bear these things in mind when you’re taking pictures of waterfalls. They can often look amazing to the eye in 3 dimensions, but it is tricky to turn them into great 2 dimensional images. Good luck and thanks for visiting!