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My Cornwall Adventure Comes to a Close

I always enjoy discovering new locations, but Cornwall really took my breath away. I didn't have nearly enough time to fully explore this amazing county, but I shall be back again one day! These are a few photographs that I particularly enjoyed making. The weather was absolutely atrocious, but as I always say “the worse the weather, the better the photo”. The adage doesn’t always ring-true, but more often than not it does. I hope you like the images :-)

Urban Photography - London

n the UK, around 83% of people live in an urban environment, so it's probably safe to assume many people don't have easy regular access to the countryside. City-scapes and street photography are really popular, so why not get your camera out and give it a go.

Below was taken on a tripod, to help slow down the shutter speed of the camera. But, you can achieve great results hand held as well.

Looking for order!

Photo Tip Time! 📷😃

If you can, try and find repeating patterns and shapes in your photography. The human eye makes sense of order and repetition v's chaos and randomness

In this image the "V" shape in the cloud is replicated by the "V" shape created by the ruined wall in the foreground. There's also an inverted "V" made by the stone roof in the mid-ground.

So no matter what the equipment you have or the scene in front of you, if you look for repeating patterns and shapes I guarantee people are more likely to enjoy the photograph.

My favourite image so far this year!

My favourite image of the year so far. Love how the sunrise reflects in the river. I didn't have to work too hard for this one though, it's taken from my back garden!

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