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The iconic locations are iconic or a reason

I was watching a video on YouTube where the photographer insisted he didn’t want to shoot the same images as everyone else. He wanted to find a unique perspective on the locations, and was critical of photographers who just got the obvious shot and then moved on.

I’m all in favour of finding your own unique images. but I also think you should remember why certain images are iconic. They are that way because they are beautiful. To go to San Francisco and not shoot the Golden Gate Bridge would seem strange. To go to Edinburgh and not shoot the Castle, similarly.

But having got those iconic shots, I agree, move around, find new angles. Find new perspectives, wait for the light to change. In short, experiment.

So to an extent I agree with what the photographer was saying, but I disagree that you shouldn’t shoot the obvious photograph.

This is a picture of Queens View in Perthshire. It’s a location you can stop the car at, get out, point the camera and take a great image without having to work too hard. I didn’t have a lot of time on this occasion, but it would have felt wrong not to stop.

I’d encourage anyone to get out and take the great images for themselves. They may be similar to others, but when it’s your picture you have a real connection to it that you won’t get from someone else’s photograph.

I like the image below, but I know it’s not much more different to a thousand others shot from that spot. But I’m ok with that, because this one is mine :-)

Thanks for looking.

The Great British Weather!

These 2 photos are taken from slightly different points on the same Loch (lake), near my home in Scotland. The sandy photo of Loch More was taken exactly a year ago today, during one of the driest spells in modern history. On that day I actually walked across the Loch. Contrast that with a more typical shot of what it usually looks like, with water around 1.5-2metres high. You really never do know what the British weather will throw at you, and I thought it made for an interesting comparison.

Photographically, they both make interesting shots I think, and I hope you like them. Thanks for looking

Simplicity is key.

This week was one of those when it was difficult to get out with the camera at all, just so much happening at home. I did however capture one image of my local area.

This is literally a few minutes from my house and only a slight diversion from where I was going on that day. It’s a place I know well, and the light persuaded me it might be worth a shot.

This image won’t win any awards, but given it was captured impromptu I’m really pleased with how it came out. The key to this is simplicity.

It’s a very simple image, with no distractions, and often that works well. It was a windy day so I used a 30s exposure to smooth the water. The result is a feeling of calm.

For those photographers amongst you, or those who want to develop their skills, keeping it simple is a great lesson to keep in mind. When you try and over-think images, they can be less effective.

I hope you like it, and thanks for looking :-)