"Rule number 1 - never shoot in the midday sun." Really??

As photographers we are conditioned to always seek-out the best light, and most often that is to be found around sunrise and sunset. At these times the sun is low in the sky and it creates a very pleasing soft light that can really enhance an image.

Probably for that reason I think I’ve been conditioned to avoid “harsh” light, which can make images look flat and uninteresting. That can be the case, but when there are clouds in the sky, that isn’t always true. This shot was taken at almost exactly midday, but the clouds defused the sunlight enough to allow for a really pleasing image. The colours in the sea and the sand are particularly striking I think.

Photographers can get a bit obsessed with “rules” in photography. I prefer to think of them as guidelines rather than rules. They do help, but we shouldn’t be constrained by them. I’m glad I ignored them on this occasion and took the shot anyway!